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Proposal requirements

1.  Delivery - No specific time frame for delivery or pick up is guaranteed unless arrangements are made at the time of accepting the proposal.  Typically, delivery takes 1 to 3 days prior to the event and pick up 1 to 3 days following the event. 

2.  Installed in grass - An additional 10' of space, both width and length, is required for installation.

3.  Utilities - Any overhead wires or branches or underground utilities, including sprinkler system MUST be discussed prior to delivery.  Delivery will not take place without prior arrangements for these situations.

Tent installation area MUST be mowed and cleaned of any animal waste prior to delivery or additional fees of $50 per 15 minutes will be charged, until the customer corrects the issue. No exceptions. If the delivery crew has to leave the delivery premises, delivery at a later time can not be guaranteed. Payment in full will be due, including an additional delivery charge, regardless if the delivery takes place or not.

4.  Equipment will only be delivered and/or set up within 100 feet of where the delivery truck can safely park.  The walk path must be open and easily accessible to delivery crew. NO steps or steep hills without prior notice and additional labor time fees will be charged. Tables and chairs will be stacked under the tent and we request that they are neatly stacked where they were delivered.

5.  All pets must be secured inside or gated away from the delivery crew at ALL times. Animal waste MUST be removed from the path and set up area, prior to the delivery. Cleaning fees may be charged if there are any issues.

6.  **Cleaning and repair fees may be charged if any of the following occur and require attention.

NO painting in or around tent or rental equipment.

NO tissue streamers or lanterns allowed to touch any part of the tents, sides, or rental equipment.

NO marking, taping, or stapling on any of rental equipment.

NO cooking, open flames (other than mini votives), smoke or bubble machines allowed under the tent. 

ALL of these will damage the equipment and cleaning and/or replacement fees will be charged.

7.  CANCELLATION POLICY - Cancellation prior to 11 days before the delivery date - 50% (minimum of $25) or amount paid at time of reservation is non refundable.  Cancellation 10 days prior to delivery date, full balance is due regardless if delivery has take place.

8.  RESERVATION is not locked in until signed or accepted proposal, agreeing to all terms, and the 50% deposit (minimum of $25) are received.

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